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Design Blend

Green Horse Productions has been around since 1997 offering eye-catching original art prints, unique and one-of-a-kind gifts and professional graphic design services in the quaint river town of Henderson, KY.  Our artwork and gift creations have been delivered to homes and businesses from Hollywood, CA to Bangor, ME.

Over the past year, we've immersed ourselves in the art of design blending, re-imagining and restocking our old website, loading up the GHP team and taking our business on the road. We've gone to Artisan marketplaces, shows, and festivals where we've met new friends, rekindled old ones and have asked one basic question: "What type of art draws you in?" One hundred percent of the replies we received from the customers who visited us were looking for something personal, a reflection of who they are or of their lifestyle. A certain color, a creation featuring a specific pet breed, a custom portrait, seasonal spa soap -- we hear you and invite you to keep those suggestions coming! Our goal is to make as many of those requests available as we can (that's why we asked!)

To send in your 2 cents worth, please drop us a line at and be sure and subscribe to our News and Events link below! We'll watch for it!