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Design Blend

Green Horse Productions has been around since 1997 offering eye-catching original art prints, unique and one-of-a-kind gifts and professional graphic design services in the quaint river town of Henderson, KY.  Our artwork and gift creations have been delivered to homes and businesses from Hollywood, CA to Bangor, ME.

This year, we loaded up the GHP team and took our show on the road.  (Call it a research project.)  Artisan marketplaces are picking up speed again, and sometimes in the most unexpected places.  Art is invited everywhere!  We've met new friends, rekindled old ones and immersed ourselves into design blending.  We're learning how our rustic chic culture can blend with other artistic styles and cultures and produce spectacular results.  

So of course, we couldn't let our old website stand as is.  It is actively being re-imagined, redesigned and restocked with new and interesting items as briskly as we can create and make them available.  Gob-smacking new talent may even shake things up a bit, so keep watching!