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Miss Marva's Sweets August 26 2014

On the east side of Henderson, KY, a SWEET new store has moved into the neighborhood.  "Sweet" because it's product focus is dessert!  The new shop is called "Miss Marva's Sweets" and is owned by Al and Marva Gendek, who have been professional bakers for almost 20 years.  Marva, who is famous for her Chessie Bars, has been wanting to showcase her favorite recipes and has finally opened up a venue to do just that.  

In redecorating their new location at 5433 US 60 East, they were sure to include a "Colonels Corner", dedicated to their association with the Honorary Order of Kentucky Colonels", an organization who reaches out to provide support to those in need and preserve Kentucky's rich heritage.  Several momentoes of the membership are featured, along with a few pieces of memorabilia of the HCHS Colonels.  When Al asked me to display my horse, wolf and bear art print series on one of the other walls, I was honored.  

During Miss Marva's Sweets Grand Opening, the store's counters were full of delightfully delicious 
cookies, sweet breads, decadent brownies and flavored popcorn.  The latter being the Gendek's newest product line.  

They've found a popular popcorn niche at wedding receptions called the "Popcorn Bar".  It's incredible -- raspberry, green apple, even BBQ flavor is available among others and they are addicting!

Here's a bit of popcorn trivia to hold till the next time you have the inclination to spring it on family, friends or co-workers -- Popcorn is actually divided into two shapes:  Mushrooms and Butterflies.  As the descriptive words imply, the mushroom kernels are the large, dome-shaped pieces that you normally want for strong jobs, like stringing garland for your Christmas tree, where the butterfly kernels are delicate little structures that easily break into pieces when munched.  At Marva's shop, the "mushrooms' are used for the fruity, sweet flavors, and the "butterflies" are saved for their BBQ flavors.  Yum, Yum!



Close to Home June 01 2014

Green Horse Productions enjoyed a day out yesterday, as our canopy joined those of other artists in Audubon Mill Park in Henderson, KY for their first annual DHP Artisan Marketplace.  Our art prints, candles and soaps were on display, as were the handcrafted works of over 50 other artists of all kinds.  The beautiful May day easily convinced fair-goers and passersby from as far away as Atlanta to come up for the event and they were not disappointed.  Neither were the GHP crew.  Not only were we given the chance to talk with our customers in a pleasant spot near the Ohio River, but the opportunity to discuss new creations with fellow artisans is a treat not to be missed! 

Who knew that gourd could be sculpted to appear as leather, metal or porcelain?  Leann Scott of the Kentucky Gourd Society knew, and she brought the goods to prove it.