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April Inspiration April 08 2014

April 5, 2014 was a beautiful day to indulge my yearly home show pilgrimage to Evansville, IN  (formally known as "The Annual Heritage Federal Credit Union Home Show").  I love this event because it's an exhilarating meeting of creative minds, and an opportunity to identify new resulting trends.  

This year, I looked forward to seeing how the addition of a new Arts & Crafts Pavilion, located in The Ford Center was received by the show goers.  Artists of all types: painters, wood carvers, metalworkers and more were set up, answering questions and offering their wares for sale to take home - a welcome sight in an event that normally presents services and merchandise for "show" only.  Although there seemed to be success in every booth, I believe the items drawing the most attention were determined by how they related to the rest of the show.  Hope to see all of them back next year, plus even more!

Abby VasekEqually exciting is attending the list of topical presentations given by invited experts each year, something the DIY geek in me truly enjoys.  Abby Vasek, a memorable contestant from HGTV's Design Star delighted the audience with her presentation about designing your home to make it your dream home.  "Close your eyes and think about sitting in your favorite room at home."  The lecture had a very interesting take on making your present home conform to your vision of the dream.  

I had been particularly interested in meeting Abby because she is also a graphic designer.  An energetic soul, we clicked right away.  I asked how her training in graphic arts has specifically benefitted her career in interior design.  Being an artist has it's perks when creating the actual design of a space, but it can also give credence to that place where design starts - your imagination.  Vasek has partnered with another HGTV Design Star favorite, Bex Hale to develop Relics Home, an eclectic interior design firm.

I couldn't help but feel inspired with a new "can-do" attitude after leaving the Home Show this year!