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42nd Vanderburgh County Extension Homemakers Fine Arts and Craft Show September 29 2014

I've been going to this show as a customer since the 1980's and know very few people who haven't attended at least once.  Held north of Evansville, IN during the last weekend of September in the Vanderburgh 4-H Center, this 2-day event is the area's culmination of everything artistic, creative and crafty.  Up to 500 vendors and thousands of tristate arts & crafts customers converge on these grounds every year, so I couldn't wait to register the GHP booth to continue my quest in seeking new design blends, and of course new customers!

From day one, I couldn't have asked for a better venue!  The Show staff was hospitable, and my 12'x12' booth neighbors became instant friends.  Those are two things I like to call"cake" in this industry, particularly made that much more priceless by people like Lana, my booth neighbor who was selling Primitive Snowmen.  

The quality of the visiting customers was ideal.  I knew I'd found my Mecca.  Not only did I get design inspiration and new GHP customers - I got new GHP customers with inspirational stories!  Couldn't have asked for better!  As a result, GHP will be adding several new items and services to our product line, and will proceed strongly with some of our established products..

A big shout out to the Byers, a cool young Floridian couple who were up for a visit with relatives and stopped in at the show.  Their enthusiasm for our limited edition Belgian horse print, "The Working Class" provided a new point of interest for the artwork.  They own a Belgian and a couple of Quarter horses, all of which they enjoy riding for the sheer pleasure, as documented in their phone's photo folder.  Horse-lovers in the purist form! Very amiable.  

A nod also goes to Mrs. C----y who recognized the perfect gift for her husband in our largest limited edition print, "Spirit of the Moon".  "He just loves wolves", she proclaimed.  I believe we could both see "man cave" written all over that print.

My daughter joined the GHP booth crew on the second day and shared in the success with her botanical series featuring daisies and sunflowers.  A notable art patron, Mrs. W--t was impressed with their beauty and bought the dual set.  She shared that her daughter is a graphic designer too and thought she'd enjoy the artwork as a gift.  

Further feedback from our show visitors revealed interest in dog and cat breed portraits, more horse art and flora prints.  Still others requested that commissioned pet portraiture be included in our range of services.

We were ecstatic with the results of our trip to this show and are already hard at work planning this stage of our continuing evolution.  Thanks to all who dropped by our tent over the weekend!  

On a side-note, we gained a new team mascot, "Alex" as was stamped on his backside.  Presumably dropped by a young craft-goer, Alex stood watch for his owner throughout the weekend on one of our stools.  If he is your little one's lost toy, please contact us.  Until then, we'll keep him clean and well loved.  ;-)