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Aspens Watercolor Print

$ 25.00

Spectacular Rocky Mountain Aspens at Sundown...

One of the more endearing sights of the mountainous northwest are the groves of beautiful aspen trees.  Their little heart-shaped leaves quiver when the wind blows which has given rise to their nickname "Quakers" or quaking aspens.  As the sun set on this small woodland patch, their silver white bark reflected a warm glow.  

Pre-trimmed to fit ANY 11"x14" picture frame!

Originally painted on watercolor paper, this picturesque aspen grove has been recreated on 100 lb white stock as an 11"x14" open edition print.  It's vibrant color palette displays the quintessential pop of color, or can contribute stylishly into spaces similarly hued.  Centered and pre-trimmed to fit any commonly available 11"x14" picture frame!

Shipped separately by mail tube. 

Sold unframed only.

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